Fratres Estoics

Reflections on life and Stoicism.

“It’s not external things that trouble you, but your judgement of them.” Marcus Aurelius

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  • Are miracles real?
    It depends on what you think is a miracle © Dave DuBay. It's a miracle! Do you mean that literally? Or literally in the Millennial sense of figuratively? Miracle is an ill-defined term. What is a miracle? A miracle might … Read more
  • What is spirituality?
    © Barby DuBay What does spirituality mean to you? Not everything has a precise definition. And that's okay. So, what I offer is one perspective. Spirituality has a connotation of spirits—angels, demons, souls, ghosts. Or more generally, the unseen. And … Read more
  • It's hard to be good
    © Dave DuBay. We all seem deeply concerned about other people's moral behavior—while making excuses for our own. Most of us think we're more moral and self-aware than most other people. But how can the majority be better than the … Read more