Fratres Estoics

Reflections on life and Stoicism.

“It’s not external things that trouble you, but your judgement of them.” Marcus Aurelius

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  • Doubt and faith are complimentary
    Can you be a doubter who also has faith?  That’s for you to decide. But I think you can.  Are you certain? Agnosticism is about what you don’t know. Belief is a different question.  God is either real, or he’sContinue reading “Fratres Estoics”
  • Is evil real?
    Is that a dumb question? We can point to all sorts of atrocities, so why would anyone think evil isn’t real? And if evil isn’t real, then is goodness not real? Could only one but not both be real? Whatever,Continue reading “Fratres Estoics”
  • Grace
    I’m a wayward Catholic boy. Well, that’s an exaggeration. Father Andrew Greeley liked to repeat the cliché that, “Once Catholic, always Catholic.” With qualifications, yes. Death awaits Nothing ever leaves you. No one ever leaves you. A friend from longContinue reading “Fratres Estoics”