Driving from Maine to Arizona

I just moved to Arizona to start a new job. Seeing America from the interstate won’t give you a complete picture of our land and its people. But it does give you one side of it.img_0931

Day 1: Maine to Pennsylvania

The northeast has an excess of idiot drivers. I mean tailgaters, people who drive 80 miles an hour on the shoulder, people who weave in and out of traffic. This was the slowest part of the journey because Boston to New York is one traffic delay after another.

Day 2: Pennsylvania to Indiana

Midwestern drivers are much more sane. And it really is true that people in the Midwest are among the friendliest in the country.

Day 3: Indiana to Oklahoma

We made good time on day three. Had lunch at a great locally owned BBQ joint in Missouri. You can’t find food like that in Maine (though in Missouri you can’t find seafood like they do it in Maine).

Day 4: Oklahoma to Holbrook, Arizona

There are a lot of tolls on the Oklahoma turnpike. It costs about $16 to drive from one end of the state to the other. On the plus side, they have great country music stations – Crank Hank plays old stuff as well as a few newer tunes.

We also stopped in Oklahoma City to visit the memorial for the 1995 bombing. The memorial is a great honor to those who died and those who survived. And it does bring back the feelings of sadness outrage that we all experienced 21 years ago.

Arriving in Holbrook, an Arizona mountain town just over the New Mexico border, I was shocked at how cold it was. For the first time since leaving Maine we had to scrape ice off the windshield in the morning.

Day 5: Arriving in Phoenix

Our new home! On the eastern side of the mountains there was more snow than when we left Maine. The western side is completely different – now you’re in the desert with cactus everywhere. Things finally warmed up a bit was we descended into the valley that houses Phoenix.

Published by Dave DuBay

Dave is a Florida man. He blogs at https://fratresestoics.com. He's also at twitter.com/Dave_DuBay.

3 thoughts on “Driving from Maine to Arizona

  1. See in the Northeast we have to deal with insane traffic which makes us anxious to get going. Anyone who drives slow drives us crazy and makes us so annoyed we do stupid things. I am not a crazy driver, but I admit to getting super annoyed when people are slow. Everyday is a fight here traffic wise because our roads are not laid out so great and the population is so dense. Yes, I am making excuses. But, I love being an asshole New Englander. 🙂


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