Stress makes it hard to think

Giving up the delusion of control helps. Driving cross country is a great way to see the US of A in all its variation. And there’s more than one way to do it. East-west comes to mind first, and there’s the northern tier states, the southern tier, and the middle. Then there’s north-south—east coast, westContinue reading “Stress makes it hard to think”

Driving from Maine to Arizona

I just moved to Arizona to start a new job. Seeing America from the interstate won’t give you a complete picture of our land and its people. But it does give you one side of it. Day 1: Maine to Pennsylvania The northeast has an excess of idiot drivers. I mean tailgaters, people who drive 80Continue reading “Driving from Maine to Arizona”

US History from a Latino Perspective

European colonization of what is now the United States starts with the English landing in Virginia and Massachusetts. Well, not so fast, says Felipe Fernández-Armesto. In his book, Our America: A Hispanic History of the United States, Fernández-Armesto points out that in 1508 Puerto Rico became the first permanent European settlement in what is now US territory. St.Continue reading “US History from a Latino Perspective”