Dia de los muertos

We would not be here were it not for those who went before us. I was at an October Día de los Muertos event in Arizona when my phone rang. The Day of the Dead is an ancient Aztec holiday honoring those who have gone before us. Historically celebrated in August, the holiday was moved to coincideContinue reading “Dia de los muertos”

Marcus Aurelius: Death

In his Meditations, Marcus Aurelius seems preoccupied with death. But context matters. Infant mortality was high in the ancient world, and plague (which Marcus contracted but survived) was a constant threat. Marcus also spent much of his reign on the battlefield.  From Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Death is no loss Death: something like birth, a natural mystery, elementsContinue reading “Marcus Aurelius: Death”

The paradox of confidence & caution

Is it paradoxical to say that we should combine confidence with caution? Doesn’t caution seem like the opposite of confidence? In book two of his Discourses, Epictetus says it’s a matter of knowing what to be confident about and what to be cautious about. And most of us get it backwards. He says there’s no point in stressingContinue reading “The paradox of confidence & caution”