Men, we have an empathy problem

Rape is funny. Rape can be downright hilarious — when it happens to men. We laugh at prison rape jokes. But people who joke about women getting raped are rightly denounced as sexist creeps. Yet, if you include prison rape, American men are raped as often as (or more than) women. It’s obviously sexist when peopleContinue reading “Men, we have an empathy problem”

Is Empathy a Bad Thing?

Sounds like a dumb question. But hold on. Last week an article from The Atlantic showed up in my Facebook newsfeed. It linked to a video by Paul Bloom from Yale called “Against Empathy.” Rather than empathy, Bloom argues for “effective altruism” – a rational assessment of the big picture. He begins provocatively by saying thatContinue reading “Is Empathy a Bad Thing?”

Men’s Silence

Silent doesn’t mean taciturn. A man might talk endlessly, constantly interrupting others. But all he does is tell jokes and talk about sports and politics. No one really knows what’s going on inside him. Men’s silence is often socially enforced. The call to “man up” and the meme “I bathe in male tears” discourage men fromContinue reading “Men’s Silence”