Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full

Stoicism is a major theme in Tom Wolfe’s 1998 novel A Man in Full. But Wolfe portrays Stoicism as a religion rather than a philosophy. Yet, while ancient philosopher Epictetus believed in Zeus, it’s hard to find a Stoic today who worships Greek deities. In Wolfe’s novel, Conrad discovers Stoicism while in prison. An out of work father,Continue reading “Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full”

Jane Austin vs John Steinbeck: The Ultimate Smackdown

Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. I’ve never made it through a Jane Austin novel, though I did watch the movie version of Pride & Prejudice. Twice. Mainly because Keira Knightly is in it, and she has the best smile in Hollywood. The problem is that the book is full of snobby English people who talkContinue reading “Jane Austin vs John Steinbeck: The Ultimate Smackdown”