Stoicism might not be a bummer after all

I heard the Dude is Epicurean. He follows the pleasure principle. Take ‘er easy. And he’s anything but unemotional. I’ve never heard anyone say Mr. Spock is a dude. But wait a minute. The Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski is a tale of the Dude being very unDude. This aggression will not stand, manContinue reading “Stoicism might not be a bummer after all”

Sully: Reflections on the movie

I recommend Sully if you haven’t seen it yet. In 2009, Chesley Sullenberger’s US Airways airbus lost both engines, forcing him to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River. All onboard survived. Starring Tom Hanks and direct by Clint Eastwood, the movie is primarily a character study with the FAA investigation as the backdrop.Continue reading “Sully: Reflections on the movie”

The Intern: Another Tangential Movie Review

Robert De Niro is best known for his mafia tough guy roles, but in The Intern he’s a sweet old man. Jules (played by Anne Hathaway…sorry, Jess) runs a successful eCommerce fashion website that she created from the ground up. Ben is retired and bored, so he applies for an internship for senior citizens. The movie isContinue reading “The Intern: Another Tangential Movie Review”

Grandma & Rita. Also, Nurse Jackie: Another Mixed Up Not Quite Movie Review

I don’t really write movie reviews. I’ll say I liked a movie without saying exactly why, then I’ll point to something about the movie that made me think, and I’ll go off on a tangent. So bear with me. Oh, and spoilers everywhere. Grandma stars Lily Tomlin as grandma, aka Elle Reid. I’ve loved LilyContinue reading “Grandma & Rita. Also, Nurse Jackie: Another Mixed Up Not Quite Movie Review”

Black Mass: A Sort of Movie Review (Kinda)

Johnny Depp is a great actor. Though I think Harrison Ford is an awesome guy too, pretty much he plays the same character is every movie. Stoic. Taciturn. Self-interested. But Johnny Depp plays a wide range of characters. In Black Mass, Depp is Boston gangster Whitey Bulger. Though a Kentucky native, Depp nails the SouthieContinue reading “Black Mass: A Sort of Movie Review (Kinda)”

Ex Machina: When Computers Are Human

Spoiler alert! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Is consciousness an emergent product of brain activity, or is consciousness derived from the soul? Ignoring the dichotomous nature of this question, it’s one philosophers and scientists have wrestled with for millennia, and continue to wrestle with. Let’s add filmmakers to the list. The movie Ex Machina (nowContinue reading “Ex Machina: When Computers Are Human”